Spanish Phrases: Football vocabulary

This page gives some Spanish vocabulary specific to (English) football, although some may apply to other team and ball games.

Parts of the game

un partido de fútbol-a football match
la pelota-the ball
la meta-the goal, goalposts
la portería-the goal, goalposts
el campo de juego-the pitch, playing field
el terreno-the pitch
la área penal-the penalty area
el punto de penalti-the penalty spot
la línea de banda-the sideline, touchline
la línea de gol-the goal line
la línea de medio campo-the halfway line
un córner-a corner
jugar tiempo extra/una prórroga-to go into extra time
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Positions and players

Here are words for players in specific positions:

un centrocampista-a midfielder
un defensa-a defender
un delantero-a forward
el guardameta-the goalkeeper
el árbitro-the referee
los árbitros asistentes-the linesmen, assistant referees
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Phrases and actions

marcar/meter un gol-to score a goal
pasar-to pass
un pase-a pass
un tiro-a kick, shot
un tiro libre-a free kick
un tiro libre indirecto-an indirect free kick
un tiro penal-a penalty kick
tiros penales-penalty shoot-out
recibir una tarjeta amarilla/roja-to get a yellow/red card
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