Spanish Phrases: Space and the solar system

General words and phrases

Firstly, here are some general words and phrases for describing our universe:

el universo-the universe
el Sistema Solar-the Solar System
la Vía Láctea-the Milky Way
el Sol-the Sun
en el espacio-in space
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The planets

Here are the names of the planets in Spanish (including Pluto, which we assume is a planet for the sake of argument...), plus some related words and phrases:

(la) Tierra-(the) Earth
marciano-Martian, of Mars
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Other things that go bump in space

Of course, there aren't just planets out there. Here are the Spanish words for various types of object and heavenly body (astro) that you may bump into next time you're up in space.

un asteroide-an asteroid
un astro-a heavenly body
un cinturón de asteroides-an asteroid belt
un cometa-a comet
una enana blanca-a white dwarf
una estrella-a star
una galaxia-a galaxy
una luna-a moon
un meteorito-a meteorite
una nebulosa-a nebula
un planeta-a planet
un púlsar-a pulsar
un quásar-a quasar
un satélite (natural)-a (natural) satellite
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Space travel

And, here are some other words that will be useful when travelling about your next space adventure.

viajar en el espacio-to travel in space
el transbordador espacial-the space shuttle
una sonda espacial-a space probe
un cohete-a rocket
una cápsula-a capsule
una estación espacial-a space station
el despegue-lift-off
la entrada en órbita-entry into orbit
la entrada en la atmósfera-re-entry
tripulado/no tripulado-manned/unmanned
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