Spanish Phrases: Shopping phrases in Spanish

On the previous page, we gave a list of names of shops in Spanish. Here are some useful phrases to make your Spanish shopping experience complete...

voy a ...-I'm going to...
voy a la panadería-I'm going to the bakery
voy por ...-I'm going for some...
voy por (más) leche-I'm going for some (more) milk
voy por el/la ...-I'm going for the ...
voy por el vino-I'm going for the wine
comprar-to buy, "get"
voy a comprar (un libro)-I'm going to get (a book)
necesito ...-I need ...
tengo que comprar ...-I need to get ...
¿dónde lo compraste?-where did you get it?
lo compré en ...-I got it from ...
lo compré en el Walmart-I got it from Walmart
¿qué necesitas?-what do you need?
¿(necesitas) algo más?-(do you need) anything else?
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Parts of the shop

(pagar en) la caja-(to pay at) the till/checkout
(está en) la sección de ...-(it's in) the ... section
está en la planta baja-it's on the ground floor
está en el primer/secundo/tercer/cuarto piso-it's on the first/second/third/fourth floor
en el escaparate-on display, in the window
en la vitrina-on display, in the window (Mexico)
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Prices and amounts

Here are some useful phrases for talking about the prices of things and how much you're spending...

¿cuánto es?-how much is it?
¿qué precio tiene?-how much is it?
¿qué precio tiene el/la ...?-how much is the ...?
¿en cuánto sale?-how much does it come to?
¿en cuánto salió?-how much did it come to?
cuesta mucho-it's expensive
no cuesta tanto-it's not that expensive
... barato, -a-... cheap
... caro, -a-... expensive
... económico, -a-... reasonable, cheap
... más económico, -a-... cheaper
... muy barato, -a-... very cheap
... muy caro, -a-... very expensive
... una marca cara-... an expensive brand
sale más barato en ...-it's cheaper at ...
está en oferta-it's on special offer
está en dos por uno-there's a buy-one-get-one-free offer on it
¿puedo pagar con la tarjeta?-can I pay by credit card?
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Things the shopkeeper might say:

The following phrases are of course in additional to the general greetings that the shopkeeper might use:

¿paga en efectivo?-are you paying cash?
¿algo más?-is that everything?
¿quiere una bolsa?, ¿una bolsita?-would you like a (carrier) bag?
su tícketsu tikɛtyour receipt
¿(no) tiene cambio?-do you have any change?
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