Spanish Phrases: Shopping in Spanish

On this page, we'll look at names of shops in Spanish and some useful Spanish shopping phrases.

Note: a Spanish shopping crossword and wordsearch are available to help you learn this vocabulary.

Shops in Spanish

First, some very generic words for shops in Spanish:

una tienda-a shop
una tienda departamental-a department store
una tiendita-a small shop, corner shop
una plaza (comercial)-an shopping centre, mall
un mercado-a market
el centro comercial-the shops, the shopping centre
el super(mercado)-the supermarket
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In general, you can use the phrase una tienda de X to refer to a shop selling X. Here are some common examples:

una tienda de comestibles-a grocer's (UK), drugstore (US)
una tienda de discos-music shop, record shop
una tienda de deportes-a sports shop
una tienda de flores-a florist's, flower shop
una tienda de periódicos-a newsagent's
una tienda de regalos-a gift shop
una tienda de ropa-a clothes shop
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If you're not sure of the exact word for a particular shop, then a good strategy is to use una tienda de... as it will still be understood. However, here are some more specific words for certain types of shop:

una carnicería-a butcher's
una droguería (Spain)-a DIY store, hardware shop
una dulcería-a sweet shop, candy shop
una farmacia-a pharmacy, chemist's, drugstore
una ferretería-a hardware shop
una florería-a florist's
una floristería (Spain)-a florist's
una frutería-a greengrocer's, fruit shop
una joyería-a jeweller's, jewellery shop
una juguetería-a toyshop
una librería-a bookshop, bookstore
una óptica-an optician's
una panadería-a bakery
una pastelería-a bakery, cake shop
una verdulería-a greengrocer's
una zapatería-a shoe shop
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Pronunciation tip: many of these words end in -ía, with the stress on the i. Be careful of farmacia, which has the stress on the -ma- syllable.

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