Spanish Phrases: Levels of education and educational establishments in Spanish

The following describe levels of education in Spanish. See also: school subjects in Spanish, exams and qualifications in Spanish.

kinder-=kindergarten (US), =nursery and reception (UK) (3-6 years)
primaria-primary school (education) (6-12 years)
secundaria-secondary school, middle school, (lower) high school (education) (13-16 years)
una escuela primaria/secundaria-a primary/secundary school
el instituto1-secondary school
bachillerato-(upper) high school education, sixth form education (17-18 years)
prepa(ratoria)2-(upper) high school, sixth form college (in preparation for university education)
estoy...-I am...
está...-he/she is...
...en el kindergarten/nursery school
...en el preschool
...en la primaria/ primary/secondary school
...en el high school/sixth form college
...en la university
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1. Used in Spain only.
2. Used in Latin America only.

Names of educational establishments in Mexico

The following are more specific types of school in Mexico.

CENDI (=centro de desarollo infantil)sɛndinursery school, early years education centre (up to 3 years)
primaria comunitaria-=community school (type of school found in rural places, generally with a single classroom, in which all levels of education are offered)
colegio de ciencias y humanidades-(type of high school or sixth form college)
colegio nacional de educación profesional técnica-technical college (leading to vocational qualification)
CECyT (centro de estudios científicos y tecnológicos)sɛsittechnology college (giving a vocational qualification and allowing further study at university)
telesecundaria-distance learning centre (offering education at secondary level)
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