Spanish Phrases: Names of pets in Spanish

Here is how to say some common pets in Spanish. Note that some animals commonly have masculine and feminine forms of the noun (e.g. perro vs perra). Where only one word is shown here, that form commonly refer to either gender of the animal.

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un perro-a (male) dog
una perra-a (female) dog
un perrito-a little dog, puppy
un gato-a (male) cat
una gata-a (female) cat
un conejo-a rabbit
un pez-a fish
peces tropicales-tropical fish
un gerbo-a gerbil
un ratón-a mouse
una rata-a rat
un hámster-a hamster
un caballo-a horse
un canario-a canary
un cotorro-a parrot
un loro-a parrot
un perico-a parakeet
un sapo-a toad
una tortuga-a tortoise
una tortuga (marina)-a turtle
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Talking about pets

Here are some expressions for describing and talking about pets in Spanish. Note that the adjective gender must match the gender of the pet. Note too that when a noun denoting a pet is the direct object, a is often used as with nouns denoting humans. So: paseo a mi perro.

¿tienes mascota?-do you have a pet?
tengo...-I've got...
tenemos...-we've got...
...un gato que se llama Félix-...a cat called Felix
mi perro se llama Fido-my dog is called Fido
...bonito, -a-...lovely
...cariñoso, -a-...cuddly
...glotón, glotona-...greedy
...limpo, -a-...clean
...ruidoso, -a-...noisy
...tranquilo, -a-...quiet
come mucho-he/she eats a lot
come muchas croquetas-he/she eats a lot of dog biscuits
ladra demasiado-he/she barks too much
hace mucho ruido-he/she makes a lot of noise
duerme en su camita-he/she sleeps in his/her basket
le doy de comer al gato-I feed the cat
paseo a mi perro-I walk my dog
viven en un acuario-they live in an aquarium
nos hace compañía-he/she keeps us company
tengo que llevarlo al veterinario-I have to take him to the vet's
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