Spanish Phrases: Names of family members in Spanish

Below are words for family members in Spanish. Note that in many cases, the feminine equivalent in Spanish is to replace the final -o with -a, whereas English may use a completely different word. Thus, hijo = son, hija = daughter.

hermano, -a-brother/sister
hijo, -a-son/daughter
abuelo, -a-grandfather/grandmother
tío, -a-uncle/aunt
primo, -a-cousin
sobrino, -a-nephew/niece
novio, -a-boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancÚ(e)
esposo, -a-husband/wife
mis padres-my parents
mis papás-my mum and dad
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Useful words/constructions

The following may be useful for describing your family in Spanish:

mi ...-my ... (with singular)
mis ...-my ... (with plural)
tengo ...-I have ...
... una hermana-... a sister
... dos niños-... two kids
no tengo hermanos-I don't have any brothers and sisters
no tengo niños-I don't have any kids
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