Spanish Phrases: Numbers

Spanish numbers 0-20

The Spanish numbers from zero to twenty are as follows. Note that the word for one is uno or una depending on the gender of the noun it refers to; the shortened form un is used directly before a masculine noun or adjective.

cero Pronounce-zero
un(o), -a Pronounce-one
dos Pronounce-two
tres Pronounce-three
cuatro Pronounce-four
cinco Pronounce-five
seis Pronounce-six
siete Pronounce-seven
ocho Pronounce-eight
nueve Pronounce-nine
diez Pronounce-ten
once Pronounce-eleven
doce Pronounce-twelve
trece Pronounce-thirteen
catorce Pronounce-fourteen
quince Pronounce-fifteen
dieciséis Pronounce-sixteen
diecisiete Pronounce-seventeen
dieciocho Pronounce-eighteen
diecinueve Pronounce-nineteen
veinte Pronounce-twenty
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Spanish numbers 21-99

The Spanish numbers between 21 and 99 are basically formed with a number for the tens, the word y, then the number for the unit. However, the numbers 21-29 are based on a special form veinti-, in which the final -e of veinte is elided with y:

veintiun(o), -a Pronounce-twenty-one
veintidós Pronounce-twenty-two
veintitrés Pronounce-twenty-three
veinticuatro Pronounce-twenty-four
veinticinco Pronounce-twenty-five
veintiseis Pronounce-twenty-six
veintisiete Pronounce-twenty-seven
veintiocho Pronounce-twenty-eight
veintinueve Pronounce-twenty-nine
treinta Pronounce-thirty
treinta y un(o), -a Pronounce-thirty-one
treinta y dos Pronounce-thirty-two
treinta y tres Pronounce-thirty-three
cuarenta Pronounce-forty
cuarenta y un(o), -a Pronounce-forty-one
cincuenta Pronounce-fifty
sesenta Pronounce-sixty
setenta Pronounce-seventy
ochenta Pronounce-eighty
noventa Pronounce-ninety
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