Spanish Phrases: Basic Spanish words and phrases

The following pages contain some basic Spanish phrases and basic Spanish words. These vocabulary lists are generally aimed at travellers looking to learn some simple Spanish phrases, or students either starting out on a Spanish course that are learning their first words of Spanish. However, a few of the theme-based vocabulary sections are also aimed at GCSE/SAT or highschool level Spanish.

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Spanish Word Searches for iPad

Spanish word searches for iPad

Spanish Word Searches for iPad features and benefits:

  • reinforce your basic Spanish vocabulary: 1,400 themed items of core Spanish vocabulary;
  • learn just the vocab you need: play with any combination of topics;
  • coverage of both Peninsular and Mexican Spanish;
  • play an unlimited number of word searches thanks to the app's advanced random generation technique.

Spanish audio recordings and podcasts

Audio recordings are available for topics with the symbol. The recordings are of a speaker from Mexico City. See also the section on Spanish pronunciation for more details about how to pronounce Spanish.

You can also use this site's free vocabulary podcast creation software to create your own Spanish vocab podcast.

Games and flash cards

From your browser, you can also play some simple word games or print some free Spanish vocabulary flash cards on many of the topics:
 Spanish crossword games  Spanish wordsearch games  Vocabulary flash cards

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Basic Spanish vocabulary and phrases

These pages contain essential Spanish phrases and vocabulary that will be useful across many situations. If you are just starting out with Spanish, start here!

Greetings in Spanish Audio clips available for this topic
How to say hello, see you later etc.
Family members in Spanish Spanish family vocab crossword
The names of various family members in Spanish, plus some basic phrases to use to describe your family in Spanish.
Spanish prepositions
A list of the most common prepositions in Spanish with English translations.
Colour adjectives in Spanish Spanish adjectives crossword
How to say some simple colours in Spanish.
* Practise with this Colour pairs game.
Numbers in Spanish Audio clips available for this topic
How to say numbers in Spanish. This section contains audio recordings that will help you leran to pronounce numbers in Spanish. * Practise with this Number pairs game.
Common diminutive adjectives in Spanish
Information on so-called diminutive Spanish adjectives ending in -ito.
Clothes in Spanish Spanish clothes/accessories crossword
Names of clothes and accessories, plus a few clothes-related phrases.
Basic function words of Spanish Audio clips available for this topic
Various function words such as question words, basic adverbs, basic verb forms and pronouns.
Pets in Spanish
Learn the names of common pets, and learn how to tell Spanish speakers that your dog is greedy and demanding.
Basic Spanish adjectives Audio clips available for this topic Adjectives crossword
Some basic adjectives of Spanish such as big, small, nice etc.
Days, months and seasons Audio clips available for this topic
Names of days of the week and months and seasons of the year in Spanish, plus useful phrases that go with them.
Basic grammar of Spanish adjectives
Basic information on the form and position of Spanish adjectives.
Animals in Spanish Spanish animals crossword
This four-part section gives the Spanish words for a number of common mammals, fish and reptiles, birds (and poultry) and insects and rodents.
The human body in Spanish
This section, organised by section of the body, looks at how to say the names of various organs and parts of the body in Spanish.

Spanish for specific situations

Spanish computer vocabulary Spanish computing vocab crossword
Words describing parts of a computer plus various phrases describing computer-related activities.
Around the house in Spanish Spanish house and furniture crossword
Spanish words for rooms of the house, items of furniture and other items found in particular rooms.
Bookings and reservations
Vocabulary useful for making a booking or reservation, including travel and restaurant reservations.
Jobs and professions in Spanish Spanish jobs crossword
Spanish names of common jobs and professions, and an explanation of how to say simple sentences such as he's a teacher.
Around town in Spanish
Spanish words for buildings, shops, monuments etc.
Shopping in Spanish Spanish shopping crossword
Learn the Spanish for names of shops and some Spanish shopping phrases.
Asking for directions in Spanish
Find out how to turn right at the next traffic lights...
Basic food in Spanish Spanish food crossword
Names of some basic types of food, basic meats and seafood.
Sports and sports phrases Spanish sports crossword
Various pages with names of sports in Spanish (organised by category) plus sports phrases, names of sportsmen and sportswomen in Spanish and a page of specific Spanish football vocabulary.
School and education in Spanish Spanish school and education crossword
 School subjects
 Educational establishments
 Exams and qualifications
Describing the weather
Various phrases and adjectives for describing how the weather is now, or how it was on your holiday. (Includes some simple hints and links to information on past tenses in Spanish.)
Housework and daily routine
Find out how to get up, go to school and hoover the staircase in Spanish.
Movies and cinema in Spanish Spanish movies and cinema crossword
How to refer to different types of film, plus useful phrases for going to the cinema and talking about films in Spanish.
Playing cards and games in Spanish Spanish games/cards crossword
Names of common games in Spanish, with phrases and vocabulary used during play.
Christmas in Spanish
Don't just stuff your face with Yule log this Christmas— find out how to do it in Spanish.

Technical vocabulary

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