Spanish Phrases: Rooms and parts of the house in Spanish

This section looks at Spanish words of parts of the house: different rooms, furniture, ornaments etc. We'll also include one or two phrases, e.g. for describing which room something or somebody is in. This page concentrates on rooms, names of floors plus some Spanish vocabulary for describing parts of the building itself. The next page then looks at Spanish words for furniture and ornaments.

See also: daily routine vocabulary, which includes some Spanish words to do with cleaning and chores.

Rooms in the house

Here are the names of common rooms of a house in Spanish. A slightly tricky case is that the Spanish word for bedroom differs depending on the Spanish-speaking region.

está en...-it's/he's/she's in...
están en...-they're in...
el (cuarto de) baño-the bathroom
la cocina-the kitchen
el comedor-the dining room
mi cuarto-my (bed)room
el cuarta de lavado-the washroom
el cuarto de servicio-the washroom, utility room
el cuarto de visitas-the guest room
el/mi/nuestro dormitorio-the/my/our bedroom
la/mi/nuestra recámara-the/my/our bedroom (Mexico)
el desayunador-the breakfast bar, breakfast area
la entrada-the hallway, entrance
el estudio-the study
el garaje, la cochera-the garage
el lavadero-the washroom, laundry room (Spain)
el pasillo-the passageway
el portal-the porch
el recibidor-the hallway
el salón-the living room
el trastero-the boxroom, junk room
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Floors and sections of the house

A few parts of the house that aren't quite "rooms":

Here is how to say what floor of the house or building things are on:

en el sótano-in the basement/cellar1
en el desván-in the attic/loft
en el entretecho-in the attic/loft (Latin America)
en la planta baja-downstairs, on the ground floor (US: first floor)
en el primer piso-on the first floor (US: second floor)
en el segundo piso-on the second floor (US: third floor)
en el tercer piso-on the third floor (US: fourth floor)
en el cuarto/quinto/sexto piso-on the fourth/fifth/sixth floor (US: fifth/sixth/seventh)
en el piso catorce1-on the fourteenth floor (US: fifteenth)
en el mezanine-on the mezzanine
(en la planta de) abajo-downstairs
(en la planta de) arriba-upstairs
bajar-to go downstairs
subir-to go upstairs
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1. If you keep wine in your cellar, you can also call it a bodega or cava!
2. The special words for ordinal numbers (primer(o), segundo etc) aren't commonly used for high numbers. It's worth learning up to about sexto or séptimo (seventh).

Talking about the building

The following Spanish words are useful for describing the actual building or home as a whole, or for things like doors and windows that aren't exactly "furniture".

Next: furniture

On the next page, you'll find some Spanish furniture vocabulary.

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