Spanish Phrases: Basic Greetings

Here are some basic greetings in Spanish. Note that a few of these are informal greetings, as indicated. Click on one of the audio icons to listen to the greeting spoken by a native Mexican Spanish speaker.

The following may also be useful to help you learn these basic greetings:

¡hola! Pronounce-hello!, hi!
¿hola, qué tal? Pronounce-hi, how's things? (Informal)
¡buenos días! Pronounce-hello!, good morning!
¡buenas tardes! Pronounce-hello!, good afternoon!; good evening!
¡buenas! Pronounce-afternoon!; evening!
¿cómo estás? Pronounce-how are you? (familiar form)
¿cómo está?-how are you? (formal)
¿cómo estamos? Pronounce-how are we doing? (used as in English to mean 'how are you doing?')
¡gracias! Pronounce-thanks!, thank you!
¡muchas gracias! Pronounce-many thanks!, thanks very much!
por favor Pronounce-please
¡porfa! Pronounce-please! (Informal)
¡no, gracias! Pronounce-no thank you!
¡sí, gracias! Pronounce-yes please!
¡hasta luego! Pronounce-bye!, see you later!
¡hasta pronto! Pronounce-bye!, see you soon!
¡nos vemos! Pronounce-bye!, see you!
¡nos vemos mañana! Pronounce-see you tomorrow!
¡cuidate! Pronounce-take care! (familiar form)
¿perdón? Pronounce-sorry?, pardon?, what did you say?
¡perdone! Pronounce-sorry!, excuse me!
¿perdone ...? Pronounce-excuse me, ...?
¡oiga, ...! Pronounce-excuse me, ...!
¿oye, ...? Pronounce-listen, ...?; by the way, ...? (familiar)
¡que tenga un buen día! Pronounce-have a good day!, hope you have a good day!
¡que le vaya bien! Pronounce-take care!; hope it goes OK!
¡buen provecho! Pronounce-bon apétit!, enjoy your meal!; (with drink) enjoy!
¡salud! Pronounce-cheers!; (after sneezing) bless you!
¡cuidado! Pronounce-watch out!
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Latin American greetings

The following are also common in Latin America:

¡buen día! Pronounce-hello!, good morning!
¿bueno? Pronounce-hello? (used in Mexico to answer the telephone)
¿mande? Pronounce-sorry?, pardon?, what did you say?
¿qué onda? Pronounce-what's up?, how's it going? (Informal)
¿disculpe ...? Pronounce-excuse me, ...?
¡ándale (pues)! (Informal) Pronounce-right then!, cheerio!
¡ahorita vengo! Pronounce-I'll be back in a minute!
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