Spanish Phrases: Days of the week, months and seasons

This page gives the names of the days of the week, months and seasons in Spanish. Expressions using these words are also given.

Days of the week

The names of the days of the week in Spanish are as follows, along with some common phrases used with days of the week:

lunes Pronounce-Monday
martes Pronounce-Tuesday
miércoles Pronounce-Wednesday
jueves Pronounce-Thursday
viernes Pronounce-Friday
sábado Pronounce-Saturday
domingo Pronounce-Sunday
este lunes-this Monday
pasado lunes-last Monday
el lunes pasado-last Monday
el lunes próximo pasado (formal)-last Monday
el siguiente miércoles-next Wednesday
el próximo lunes-next Monday
el lunes próximo-next Monday
de este lunes en ocho-a week Monday
trabajo el sábado-I'm working on Saturday
trabajo los sábados-I work on Saturdays
trabajo el segundo sábado de cada mes-I work the second Saturday of every month
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Months of the year

The names of the months in Spanish are as follows:

enero Pronounce-January
febrero Pronounce-February
marzo Pronounce-March
abril Pronounce-April
mayo Pronounce-May
junio Pronounce-June
julio Pronounce-July
agosto Pronounce-August
septiembre Pronounce-September
octubre Pronounce-October
noviembre Pronounce-November
diciembre Pronounce-December
me voy de vacaciones en enero-I'm going on holiday in January
me fui de vacaciones el pasado julio/el julio anterior-I went on holiday in July
¿qué haces este marzo?-what are you doing this March?
nací en mayo de 1980-I was born in May 1980
hoy es primero de noviembre-today is the 1st of November
hoy es dos/tres de noviembre-today is the 2nd/3rd of November
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The seasons in Spanish are as follows:

primavera Pronounce-spring
verano Pronounce-summer
otoño Pronounce-autumn, fall
invierno Pronounce-winter
en primavera-in spring
esta primavera-this spring
este verano-this summer
la siguiente primavera-next spring
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