Spanish Phrases: Talking about your daily routine

Here are some useful words and phrases for talking about your daily routine: waking up, getting ready for school or work, cleaning the house and other lovely household chores...

me levanto...-I get up...
...a las ocho/ eight/nine
...a las siete y seven thirty
me ducho (especially Spain, Cuba)-I have a shower
me baño1 (Latin America)-I have a shower/bath
desayuno-I have breakfast
desayuno cereales-I have cereal for breakfast
me visto-I get dressed
me pongo la ropa-I put my clothes on
me preparo para la escuela/el trabajo-I get ready for school/work
voy (a la escuela) en autobús2-I get the bus (to school)
tomo el metro-I catch the metro (=subway/underground)
llego a la escuela/oficina a las nueve-I get to school/to the office at 9 o'clock
como a las doce/a la una-I have lunch at twelve/one o'clock
llego a mi casa a las cinco de la tarde-I get home at five in the evening
hago mi tarea3-I do my homework
preparo la cena-I get dinner/supper ready
ceno/cenamos-I/we have dinner
ayudo a mis papás-I help my mum and dad
veo la tele/las noticias-I watch TV/the news
me relajo-I relax
salgo con mis amigos-I go out with my friends
me acuesto-I go to bed
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1. In Spain, me baño would generally mean "I have a bath". In Latin America, you could specifically distinguish with tomo un baño de tina (I have a bath) and me doy un regaderazo (I have a shower).
2. This is the most general word for "bus", but various Spanish-speaking countries also have more specific words.
3. You can also say hago la tarea.

How often...?

Of course, you shower every day, right? But for those things that you do less often (on an unrelated matter, see the "housework" section below), here are some useful phrases for expressing "how often":

cada día-every day
cada semana-every week
dos/tres veces a la semana-two/three times a week
de vez en cuando-from time to time
(muy) seguido-(very) often
con mucha frecuencia-very often
muchas veces-very often, more often than not
rara vez-seldom, just occasionally
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hago el quehacer-I do the housework
limpio...-I clean...
lavo...-I wash...
arreglo...-I tidy...
quito el polvo de...-I dust...
paso la aspiradora en...-I hoover/vacuum... casa-...the house
...los muebles-...the furniture
...el piso-...the floor alfombra-...the carpet cocina-...the kitchen sala-...the sitting room escalera-...the stairs
...mi bedroom
lavo/friego los platos-I do the washing up
lavo la/mi ropa-I do the/my washing
plancho mi ropa-I iron my clothes
hago mi cama-I make my bed
hago jardinería-I do the gardening
voy a la compra/al supermercado-I go shopping/to the supermarket
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