Spanish Phrases: Computer-related activities in Spanish

On the previous page, we looked at some general computing vocabulary, in particular words for naming different parts of a computer and types of computer. The following vocabulary relates to different types of computer program and to describing computer-related activities such as using the Internet.

See the Javamex web site for a more technical Spanish computing glossary.

Types of program

Here are some common types of program. Note that the word software can be used countably in Spanish: that is, you can say un software, whereas in English, native speakers wouldn't say a software.

un navegador-a browser
un plugin-a plugin
un videojuego-a video game
un procesador de texto-a word processor
una hoja de cálculo-a spreadsheet
un corrector ortográfico-a spellchecker
un reproductor de DVD/MP3-a DVD/MP3 player
un antivirus-an antivirus, virus detector
un firewall-a firewall
un contrafuegos-a firewall
un software-a piece of software
un software educativo-a piece of educational software
un entorno de desarrollo-a development environment, IDE
el sistema operativo-the operating system
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Things to do with your computer...

Here are some phrases to describe various computer-related activities:

navegar por Internet-to surf the Internet
hacer clic en un vínculo-to click on a link
hacer doble clic-to double-click
trabajar en la red-to work on the net
checar su correo-to check one's e-mail
enviarle un correo a un amigo-to e-mail a friend
escribir un blog-to write a blog
crear/ver una página web-to create/view a web page
bajar música en formato MP3-to download music in MP3 format
instalar/lanzar un programa-to install/run a program
escribir un documento en Word-to type a document in Word
salvar el documento en su memória USB-to save the document to one's penstick
apagar/reiniciar la máquina-to shut down/reboot the machine
introducir su contraseña-to enter one's password
abrir/cerrar una ventana-to open/close a window
escanear/imprimir un documento-to scan/print a document
transferir sus fotos a un CD-to transfer one's photos to a CD
borrar/copiar un archivo-to delete/copy a file
conectarse a Internet-to connect to the Internet
iniciar/cerrar la sesión-to log in/out
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Other useful words/phrases

haz clic aquí-click here
está en el disco/un CD-it's on disk/CD
tengo un virus-I've got a virus
se ha bloqueado/congelado-it's crashed/frozen
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