Spanish Phrases: Common diminutive forms of Spanish adjectives

Diminutive forms of adjectives ending in -ito (feminine -ita) are common in Spanish. The effect is sometimes similar to forming adjectives ending in -y or saying nice and ... in English. Here are some common diminutive forms of Spanish adjectives (some of which are also used as nouns):

cal(i)entito, -a-nice and warm
chiquito, -a-teeny, little tiny, wee, sweet little
clarito, -a-nice and clear, clear as crystal
grandecito, -a-nice and big
ligerito, -a-a bit on the weak side
jovencito, -a-little (to mean 'young')
mayorcito, -a-not a child, 'a big lad'
nuevecito, -a-brand new
pesadito, -a-heavy-going
viejito, -a-old and doddery, a bit on the doddery side
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