Language identifier:
Identify the language of a given text

If you have some text and are wondering What language is this?, use the language identification tool below. Paste a sample of the text (ideally a couple of sentences) into the box below, then click Identify Language.

The tool is currently designed to distinguish between Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. It was added to this site since a number of users have been looking up words in the Spanish dictionary which actually belong to one of the other languages.

I want to identify the language of this text:

Language Identification Hints

  • This tool is designed to identify the language of complete sentences and paragraphs rather than individual words.
  • If you don't get a confident identification, try (where possible) entering a little more of the source text.
  • The language identifier doesn't currently handle loanwords very well, particularly where the loanword has spelling features that are otherwise unusual in the adoptive language.

Language identification tool programmed by Neil Coffey.
The tool plus this page are Copyright (c) Javamex UK 2007. All rights reserved.